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Moonly is an app that combines psychology and Eastern astrology to help people find harmony and acknowledge their feelings. The app was recently updated with a new artificial intelligence-based feature that let users describe their dreams so that Moonly can interpret them with text and images.

Interpret your dreams with the Moonly app

The new feature is powered by OpenAI’s ChatGPT. Users can write about their dreams and get a unique interpretation with both text and images generated by a Stable Diffusion model trained by Moonly’s designers. The platform interprets dreams based on a unique set of instructions derived from Sigmund Freud’s psychoanalytic method of dream interpretation.

“The implementation of artificial intelligence in Moonly allows users to gain insights into the meaning of their dreams immediately upon waking up. No more digging through dream dictionaries or waiting for the next session with a psychoanalyst to understand the significance of their dreams,” says Moonly founder Vitaliy Urban.

The feature known as “The Dreamer” can be found on the app’s main screen, in the Calendar section. According to the developers, users can interpret one dream per day. The Dreamer is only available to paid subscribers, but anyone can interpret up to two dreams for free to try it out.

A future update will introduce the ability to save dreams directly within the app, allowing users to curate their dream diary. It’s worth noting that once a dream is generated, it can’t be edited. 

You can download the Moonly app for free on the App Store. Some features require a paid subscription.

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