Apple is about to release iOS 17.4, which introduces App Marketplaces – a new way to install third-party apps outside the App Store for users in the EU. And mobivention, a company focused on providing IT solutions, has just announced that it will be launching its own App Marketplace for iOS.

mobivention’s iOS App Marketplace

As detailed by the company in a press release, mobivention’s App Marketplace will let developers distribute B2B and B2C apps to their customers outside the iOS App Store. “The mobivention App marketplace is primarily aimed at business customers who are looking for an alternative solution for distributing their apps,” mobivention explains.

Developers and companies working with mobivention will have “simplified rules for publishing apps” compared to Apple’s App Store, which makes the platform more appealing to enterprise apps. The company says it will check and approve apps “according to the criteria specified by Apple.”

Not only that, but mobivention will also provide white label solutions so that large corporations can offer their own App Marketplace to iOS users in the EU. The mobivention team also claims to have worked directly with Apple during the development of its own App Marketplace to make sure that everything is in line with Apple’s guidelines.

“This initiative reflects mobivention’s commitment to supporting the digital transformation of companies and redefining the way iOS apps are distributed and used. We are thus demonstrating our innovative strength in a completely newly developing market.”

More developers getting ready for iOS 17.4

Apple is yet to release iOS 17.4 to the public. However, as the deadline for companies to comply with the EU’s Digital Markets Act (DMA) is March 6, the update should become available any time from now. According to mobivention, the company is ready to launch its App Markeplace immediately after the release of iOS 17.4.

MacPaw and Epic Games have also announced that they will be bringing their own App Marketplaces to iOS. However, these will take a bit longer to become available.

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