Motif Neurotech Raises $18.75M for Implantable Device for Treatment-Resistant Depression

What You Should Know:

Motif Neurotech, a pioneer in minimally-invasive bioelectronics for mental health, announced today an impressive $18.75 million Series A funding round. Led by Arboretum Ventures, the investment saw participation from prominent players like KdT Ventures, Satori Neuro, and Dolby Family Ventures, alongside existing supporters Divergent Capital and PsyMed Ventures.

– Motif Neurotech’s innovative approach represents a potential paradigm shift in mental health treatment. By leveraging the power of bioelectronics, they aim to offer a safer, more targeted, and potentially more effective option for patients suffering from TRD.

Hope for Millions Struggling with TRD

TRD, a form of major depressive disorder unresponsive to traditional medications, affects millions worldwide. It can be a debilitating condition, leaving patients feeling hopeless and isolated. Motif’s DOT microstimulator offers a glimmer of hope, designed to precisely stimulate specific brain circuits linked to depression, restoring healthy activity and alleviating symptoms.

Precision Stimulation for Healthy Brain Circuitry

The DOT microstimulator is a pea-sized marvel, implanted during a minimally-invasive 20-minute outpatient procedure. It wirelessly transmits stimulation signals, allowing for at-home therapy and personalized treatment adjustments. This innovative approach offers several advantages over traditional deep brain stimulation (DBS) techniques:

  • Minimally invasive: No bulky electrodes or wires, reducing potential complications.
  • Precise stimulation: Targets specific brain circuits, minimizing side effects.
  • Wireless and rechargeable: Convenient for patients and adaptable to individual needs.

Expansion Plans

The Series A funding empowers Motif to:

  • Advance clinical development: Conduct large-scale studies to validate the DOT microstimulator’s efficacy and safety.
  • Refine the technology: Enhance the device’s functionality and user experience.
  • Scale production and distribution: Make the DOT microstimulator accessible to more patients with TRD.

“This investment is a testament to the immense potential of our technology to revolutionize the treatment of TRD,” said Jacob Robinson, CEO & Founder of Motif Neurotech. “We are incredibly grateful for the support of our investors and excited to bring hope and relief to millions suffering from this debilitating condition.”