The next generation of floor cleaning solution from Narwal is the Freo X Ultra. Continuing their evolution of quality of life products, this new LiDAR and laser-guided bot sweeps, vacuums, and mops your floors.

Intelligent mapping and navigation combine with careful scientific analysis to maximize the cleanliness of your home. Narwal’s DirtSense technology introduced with their original Freo robot vacuum, and continues to scrub, and re-scrub your floors until they are clean.

The Narwal Freo X Ultra is made to improve your life, and is now available for sale around the globe.

Running on the mantra of “Exceptional Power, Minimal Maintenance” the Freo X Ultra proves up to the task. With an industry leading 8,200Pa of suction power, weeks worth of vacuuming thanks to a capable debris compression system, a tangle-free brush system, hours of battery life, and a large water reservoir, the bot is both highly-capable and a no-fuss solution to cleaning hard floors and carpets alike.

What makes the Freo X Ultra a top contender?

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There are several key features and functions that help the Freo X Ultra perform its tasks across your home. Reliability and convenience are the name of the game, with measures to eliminate the need to clean the bot itself, reduce dust in the air, and increase operation time.

Zero Tangling Floating Brush

Our absolute favorite feature of the Freo X Ultra is the new anti-tangle brush. Rubber fins protect the actual brush hairs, an angled shape pushes and wrapped debris to one end of the brush, and that end of the brush is free-floating, so that the debris slips off and directly into the vacuum chamber. Zero Tangling is a bold claim, but is backed by SGS and TÜV certification! Our own experience reflects the same, we have over 60 hours running the bot with no tangles.

At a time when the average robot vacuum produced less than half this amount of suction power, the Freo X Ultra rocks 8,200Pa of suction power. This means you have enough power to pick up metal marbles, Lego pieces, and suck the dirt out of the toughest of carpets.

Self-contained Dust Processing Solution

Utilizing that huge suction power, the Freo X Ultra precisely directs airflow through the vacuum chamber. Pulling the air through a HEPA filter ensures the cleanest possible environment for those with sensitivities, and compresses the debris in the vacuum bag or canister for maximum life before you need to empty or replace the unit. The hard canister is a conveniently familiar design, with one button to dump the trash. The new collection bag better traps dust, and is a extremely convenient product to replace when full.

Self-cleaning Base Station

As your Freo X Ultra returns from vacuuming your floors, self-cleaning vacuum operations take place in the base station to keep the bot and the station clean. The base station also performs the task of cleaning the mop heads on the bot. Combined with DirtSense technology, the station intelligently analyzes the waste water and continues to clean the mop heads until they are truly clean. A 4,500ml capacity water tank offers many hours of mopping, detergent is added to the mop heads, and a heated air dry helps with sanitation when the job is done.

Next-level navigating, advanced privacy, and some quiet

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It’s hard to pinpoint what our favorite feature is of the Freo X Ultra, but LiDAR and tri-laser navigation sensors are hard to beat. Mapping your home is fast and accurate. The Narwal app shows your space, and offers a rich set of tools to modify your floor plan. Map up to four floors, and set as many rooms as needed on each floor.

Rest assured that the right cleaning method will be used for your floors. The bot is able to differentiate carpet from hard floors, avoiding mopping your rug, and adding some extra suction on that shag carpet you love so much.

Obstacle avoidance is key to successfully cleaning your space. While LiDAR is amazing at 3D mapping, laser range finders offer millimeter precision in navigation. These sensors expertly eliminate the largest privacy threat possible from a robot vacuum, cameras. Continuing the lifestyle improvements made possible by this robot vacuum, find peace of mind knowing there’s no risk of digital intrusion.

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Speaking of peace of mind, the Freo X Ultra performs an unexpected feat considering the vastly increased suction power, they’ve vastly reduced the sound levels of the new vacuum. During normal operation, the vacuum produces less than 60dB of noise, often rolling past at just 58dB while vacuuming, and 54dB while mopping. For reference, vacuums with similar suction power have been measured at up to 96dB.

The Freo X Ultra has day/night time modes as well, going full blast during the daylight hours for the maximum clean, and keeping it toned down at night while you are sleeping.

Avoid a mess, buy the Narwal Freo X Ultra today!

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The powerful and reliable Narwal Freo X Ultra is up for sale today, shipping across the globe. The launch price of $1,399.99 is competitive across the market, particularly as one of the very best and convenient automated floor cleaning solutions you can get for your home.

Early-bird deals and a new $200-off coupon make now a great time to buy the Narwal Freo X Ultra.

Narwal Freo X UltraNarwal Freo X Ultra
AA Editors Choice

Narwal Freo X Ultra

Self-cleaning • Accurate mapping and navigation • Efficient floor cleaning

Our floors have never looked cleaner

Powerful suction, anti-clog dirt channels and brushes, LiDAR and laser sensors, and a convenient self-cleaning base station make the Narwal Freo X Ultra one of the best robot vacuums we’ve seen for home users. Safe and efficient operation for wood, tile, carpet, and nearly every floor surface in between.

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