No Man’s Sky Orbital revamps space stations and introduces full ship customization.

Out now as a free patch, the No Man’s Sky Orbital update significantly changes space stations. Alongside new external designs, space station interiors have been redesigned and expanded using procedural generation. Hello Games confirms new reputation discounts mean your relationship with alien races now affects trading prices, while the ‘Economy Scanner’ can find new time-limited events that present “high-profit opportunities for enterprising traders.”

With ship customization, the new ‘Starship Fabricator’ lets you design and construct original ships using salvaged parts. Unwanted ships can be dismantled at an outfitting station, and “naturally-hunted ships” acquired through more traditional means will receive a price bonus when traded.

That’s not all the Orbital update offers, though you won’t find any specific changes for PSVR 2 or PC VR support. Visual improvements have been made to reflective surfaces, fleets of frigates may now reach out for remote guidance or direct intervention in ‘Fleet Missions,’ guild rewards have been upgraded, and all space station vendors have received storefront renovations.

Orbital follows the recent OMEGA Expedition, which coincided with No Man’s Sky’s first free weekend last month. That introduced a new expedition system that integrated this with the main game, letting travelers join with bespoke provisions. This update also revisited the ‘Atlas Path’ story mission with new rewards and lets you control enemy Dreadnoughts.

The No Man’s Sky Orbital update is out now on SteamVRPSVR 2 and flatscreen platforms.

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