What You Should Know:

NVIDIA and Johnson & Johnson MedTech (J&J MedTech) are teaming up to develop new AI capabilities for J&J’s connected digital surgery ecosystem.

The strategic collaboration aims to boost operating room (OR) efficiency, improve clinical decision-making, and accelerate innovation in surgical AI.

Why AI is Critical for the Future of Surgery

AI is already used in surgery to analyze data collected during procedures. This new partnership takes things a step further. By leveraging NVIDIA’s AI expertise, J&J MedTech aims to:

  • Deliver real-time insights: Imagine surgeons having access to instant analysis and insights throughout a procedure. This could significantly improve decision-making and potentially lead to better outcomes.
  • Support surgeons before, during, and after procedures: AI can analyze patient data beforehand, aiding pre-surgical planning. During surgery, it can provide real-time guidance, and post-surgery, it can assist with monitoring and recovery.

J&J MedTech’s Connected Digital Ecosystem

J&J MedTech is a powerhouse in the surgical world, with a presence in 80% of operating rooms globally. They also train a vast number of healthcare professionals each year. This collaboration leverages their existing digital infrastructure with NVIDIA’s leading AI solutions, including:

  • NVIDIA IGX: This edge computing platform facilitates secure, real-time processing of data from surgical devices, generating valuable clinical insights.
  • NVIDIA Holoscan: This edge AI platform specifically designed for medical devices allows for the creation and deployment of real-time AI applications directly in the operating room.

Open Innovation: A Hub for Surgical AI Development

This project goes beyond just J&J MedTech’s internal development. A key focus is creating an open ecosystem:

  • Third-party collaboration: The goal is to establish a common AI platform that allows developers to create and integrate their own surgical AI models and applications.
  • Accelerated innovation: By fostering collaboration, this ecosystem aims to speed up the development and deployment of cutting-edge surgical AI tools.

“AI models are currently being created by experts in surgery in various parts of the world,” said Shan Jegatheeswaran, vice president and global head of digital at J&J MedTech. “If we can create a trusted, open ecosystem that enables and accelerates coordination, it would create a flywheel of innovation where different groups can collaborate and connect at scale, improving access to advanced analytics across the surgical experience.”

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