What You Should Know:

  • ObvioHealth, a global digital clinical trials company, and Oracle Life Sciences are expanding their partnership globally following the results of a year-long, successful effort launching trials in Asia Pacific.
  • The collaboration will enable the efficient capture, integration, and analysis of multi-source clinical trial health data anywhere in the world—from participants, clinicians, devices, and labs.  

Expanding Partnership: Launch of ObvioGo® 2.0 and Successful Trials

The expanded partnership aligns with the debut of ObvioGo® 2.0, the latest iteration of ObvioHealth’s digital clinical trial platform and mobile application. This upgraded version features a user-friendly study design interface and improved multilingual capabilities, facilitating the translation and validation of eCOA and study app screens into any language written from left to right. Real-time eCOA data from the ObvioGo platform seamlessly integrates with Oracle’s Clinical One solution, allowing for immediate monitoring of remote participant and site-based clinical assessments.

Initially announced in October 2022 with a focus on the Asia Pacific region, the collaboration between ObvioHealth and Oracle has since led to the launch of numerous trials. One such trial, recently completed in Phase I, assessed the safety and immunogenicity of a vaccine candidate for the Sudan Ebola virus. Participants utilized ObvioGo for remote reporting of injection site reactions and changes in health status, with data from both home and site settings consolidated within Oracle Clinical One.

“The expansion of ObvioGo, in partnership with Oracle, is an important step towards truly globalizing digital trials,” said Ivan Jarry, CEO of ObvioHealth. “Sponsors will benefit from the ability to capture data at home, in-clinic, or while participants are on the go, alongside Clinical One’s robust data management, at a global scale.”