Panelists at global fintech company Finder have relayed a series of projections on the Cardano native token ADA. Despite the cryptocurrency’s slow growth recently, various crypto experts have predicted the price of ADA to surge to record highs soon. 

Cardano Expected To Rise Above $3 by 2030

A recent survey of panelists at Finders has revealed the future outlook for the price of ADA. According to the report, Cardano is expected to witness a significant surge between the average of $5.37 and $3.15 by the end of the decade. 

Supporting the cryptocurrency’s potential price growth, the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Layer One X, Matiu Rudolph has predicted that the price of ADA could increase to $3.50 or higher by 2025. He has also predicted that the cryptocurrency could witness a rise to new all-time highs of $10 by 2030. 

The COO has based his predictions on Cardano’s burgeoning ecosystem and robust community of supporters. He disclosed that the cryptocurrency’s loyal community was one of its greatest assets, fostering global adoption and boosting the value of the cryptocurrency. 

Also speaking about Cardano’s future price outlook, the founder of Omnia Markets, Mitseh Shah has projected the price of ADA to surge to $2.75 by 2025. The fintech founder has given reasons for his price prediction, stating if the crypto market enters a bull run, Cardano could see its price rising to new highs. 

“If next year’s Bitcoin halving leads to a bullish crypto market Cardano could well be taken along for the ride,” Nick Ranga, senior cryptocurrency and forex analyst at ForexTraders stated. 

In a similar light, another panelist, Ruadhan O, creator of Seasonal Tokens has remained bullish on Cardano, expecting the cryptocurrency to surge to $2 by 2030. The crypto investor has disclosed that Cardano is likely to witness significant gains from Ethereum’s market share during the next crypto bull run. 

Overall, predictions regarding Cardano’s price outlook seem to depend on the market’s performance and the possibility of a bull run. At the time of writing the cryptocurrency is trading at $0.65, reflecting an increase of 3.63% over the past week, according to CoinMarketCap. 

ADA To Witness Major Price Drop

Despite the optimistic forecast from a considerable number of Finder’s panelists regarding Cardano’s price, others have expressed opposite views, highlighting Cardano’s underperformance and inability to keep up with market expectations. 

Josh Fraser, co-founder of Origin Protocol, Cardano and Joseph Raczynski, a futurist have predicted that the price of Cardano could plummet to zero by 2030 and 2025 respectively. Numerous other panelists who share similar pessimistic sentiments have revealed that Cardano’s lack of decentralized applications and failure to achieve global adoption was one of the key factors behind its foreseeable limited price growth.

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