PowerWash Simulator VR added six new levels in a free update.

Launched last November, the first PowerWash Simulator VR content update is available for all owners of the base game. Previously released across two updates last year for the flatscreen version, VR owners can find The Muckingham Files 1&2 accessible from the Bonus Jobs menu. Developer Futurlab confirms additional content is also planned, though it’s not yet ready to announce what.

Alongside the new levels, PowerWash Simulator VR’s latest update introduces several quality-of-life changes, such as enabling auto-saves every 10 minutes. Improvements to smooth locomotion, jumping, rotation speed and general performance are also promised, the tutorial’s been tweaked so all cleaning liquids are available, and you can now disable wetness VFX. Here’s the full patch notes.

We had mixed opinions in our PowerWash Simulator VR review. Though we believed the freedom of physical movement offered a “much more rewarding experience,” we strongly criticized the visual presentation, though a post-launch update later added Quest 3 enhancements.

From the methodical, mindful freedom of cleaning to the impressively strange world-building, PowerWash Simulator VR successfully ports a lot of the brilliance that made the original game stand out. Unfortunately, there are existential issues that stand in the way of its widespread success: the visuals are a huge letdown, and the soundless ambience of levels doesn’t complement this new medium… even with its many problems, it’s hard to deny PowerWash Simulator VR still has its charms.

PowerWash Simulator VR is available exclusively on the Meta Quest platform.

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