Radiology AI Marketplace CARPL Secures $6M to Bridge Radiologist Gap with Seamless Integration Tools
Dr. Vidur Mahajan, Founder/CEO at CARPL

What You Should Know:

– As healthcare demands rise with an aging population and growing emphasis on early disease detection, the burden on radiologists is reaching a critical point. To address this challenge, enterprise imaging AI marketplace platform CARPL has announced a $6M funding round, aiming to bridge the radiologist gap by streamlining access and integration of AI tools into clinical workflows.

Navigating the Maze of AI Solutions

With over 200 companies developing AI applications for radiologists and 700 FDA-approved solutions already available, healthcare providers face a daunting task: selecting the right AI for their specific needs and seamlessly integrating it into their existing systems. This complexity has hampered AI adoption in healthcare, despite its potential to enhance efficiency and accuracy.

CARPL’s Solution: A Single Platform for AI Discovery, Validation, and Deployment

Radiology AI Marketplace CARPL Secures $6M to Bridge Radiologist Gap with Seamless Integration Tools

CARPL’s proprietary DEV-D framework offers a unique solution. Healthcare providers can Discover (D) and Explore (E) various AI applications from CARPL’s marketplace, then Validate (V) them through its rigorous testing procedures. Finally, the platform facilitates seamless Deployment (D) of the chosen AI across clinical workflows.

CARPL goes beyond simply connecting providers with AI solutions. Its deep validation and monitoring capabilities ensure safe and effective implementation, prioritizing patient safety and data privacy. Additionally, the platform’s universal AI viewer acts as a single interface for radiologists, allowing them to interact with AI outputs and refine results, further improving the AI’s performance over time.

Leadership Team

Founded by Dr. Vidur Mahajan, a physician with extensive experience in the diagnostics industry, CARPL is led by a team of experts including Dr. Vasanth Venugopal (Chief Medical Officer), Rohit Takhar (CTO), and Dhruv Sahai (COO). Dr. Vijay Rao, a past president of the Radiology Society of North America, has also joined their advisory team, further solidifying their commitment to innovation and collaboration.

The Future: Democratizing Radiology and Empowering Radiologists

Drawing inspiration from the automation revolution in lab medicine, CARPL envisions a future where AI empowers radiologists, making them “super-radiologists” capable of handling significantly more cases with improved accuracy. This democratization of radiology has the potential to improve access to quality diagnostics for patients worldwide.

Expansion Plans

CARPL plans to utilize the new funding to expand its North American team and further develop its technology platform. With partnerships with leading healthcare organizations like Massachusetts General Hospital and government initiatives in India, CARPL is poised to make a significant impact on the future of radiology and patient care.

“Over the past two years, we have onboarded more than 50 AI developers having 100+ AI applications, which made us the largest AI marketplace in terms of number of AI applications offered to customers. We are proud that some of the largest healthcare enterprises in the world have vetted our technology and trust us to be their partner in their AI and automation journeys.” said Dr Vidur Mahajan, CEO of CARPL. Drawing parallels with the lab medicine industry, Vidur Mahajan added: “We are democratizing radiology in the same way that automation and robotics revolutionized lab medicine, where a single pathologist signs out thousands of tests each day. We envision a future where CARPL creates ‘super-radiologists’ – AI-enabled radiologists who are ten times more productive than traditional radiologists.” Vidur Mahajan brings deep domain expertise having previously grown revenue 10x to $20m in 10 years at his family business Mahajan Imaging, a leading radiology service provider. He conceptualized CARPL under the guidance of his father Dr Harsh Mahajan, a pioneer in radiology, while working on validation and deployment of AI at Mahajan Imaging.