By now we may have moved on from “Happy new year!” territory, but January’s jolt of energy and activity is still very much with us. We see it in the posts that have drawn the most readers and generated the liveliest conversations in recent weeks: they tend to focus on teaching oneself new skills, seeking out new opportunities, and gaining greater efficiency in established workflows.

Before we settle into the rhythm of a new month, let’s celebrate our most-read and biggest-splash-making stories from the first few weeks of 2024. As you’ll see, most have a strong practical flavor—whether in implementing RAG or writing better-performing code, among other areas—so we hope you’re still feeling motivated to explore new topics and expand your data science and ML toolkit. Let’s dive in.

Photo by Leon Ephraïm on Unsplash

Our latest cohort of new authors

Every month, we’re thrilled to see a fresh group of authors join TDS, each sharing their own unique voice, knowledge, and experience with our community. If you’re looking for new writers to explore and follow, just browse the work of our latest additions, including Omar Ali Sheikh, Brett A. Hurt, Zhaocheng Zhu, Mohamed Mamoun Berrada, Robert Dowd, Richard Tang, Theo Wolf, Han HELOIR, Ph.D. ☕️, Rhys cook, Andrew Lucas, Shafik Quoraishee, Karla Hernández, Omer Ansari, Tim Forster, Andrew Bowell, Harry Lu, Pye Sone Kyaw, Najib Sharifi, Josep Ferrer, Rohan Paithankar, Arne Rustad, Ian Stebbins, Thi-Lam-Thuy LE, Jan Jezabek, Ph.D., Raluca Diaconu, Tiffany Bogich, Ryu Sonoda, Yann-Aël Le Borgne, Aminata Kaba, Lorena Gongang, Yanli Liu, and Martina Ivaničová, among others.

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