What you need to know

  • Ring announces a new Ring Battery Doorbell Pro, the first battery-powered doorbell in the Pro lineup.
  • Ring Battery Doorbell Pro features 3D motion detection thanks to radar tech, allowing it to support features like Bird’s Eye Zones and Bird’s Eye View.
  • You can pre-order Ring Battery Doorbell Pro starting today for $230, and it will be available March 6. 

Even though more than two-thirds of Ring’s users own a battery-powered video doorbell, the company’s best doorbell cameras were only available in wired versions, until today. To change that, Ring announced today ( Feb. 7), the Ring Battery Doorbell Pro, its first battery-powered video doorbell in the Pro lineup. 

The company’s higher-end video doorbells have improved motion detection thanks to the inclusion of radar technology. That includes the wired Video Doorbell Pro 2, which was released in 2021 and still sells for $250 today. Now, the Battery Doorbell Pro slots in the lineup as a cheaper, battery-powered alternative at $230. 

The radar-enabled 3D motion detection available on the Battery Doorbell Pro has greater accuracy and more features than previous battery doorbells from Ring. With Bird’s Eye View, you’ll be able to trace a person’s steps in front of your home through an aerial view. You can also set Bird’s Eye Zones, which tell the Battery Doorbell Pro where to alert you to motion and where to ignore it. 

The Battery Doorbell Pro features the same 1536p resolution as the Video Doorbell Pro 2. Beyond video capture, Ring uses Dynamic Image processing to enhance the recordings. A new Low-Light Sight feature also amplifies a nearby light source — like a streetlight — to illuminate the entire frame.

Ring is also adding Audio+ to the Battery Doorbell Pro, which provides higher-quality audio and attempts to cancel out echoes. 

Like the brand’s other smart cameras, the Battery Doorbell Pro will work with other Ring and Amazon products. For example, this could include other cameras or an Amazon Echo smart display. Smart displays are particularly helpful for something like the Battery Doorbell Pro since you can easily access your doorbell’s live camera feed at any time. 

Battery Doorbell Pro can be paired with a Ring Protect subscription and a Ring Alarm for an extra monthly or yearly fee as well. 

The new battery-powered version of Ring’s best doorbell gives a powerful option for people who can’t use a wired doorbell. This might include renters, who can’t make modifications to their home’s original doorbell. Or, it could be preferred by anyone who doesn’t want to change out their normal doorbell. It can also be installed in places where a wired power connection isn’t feasible. 

You can pre-order the Ring Battery Doorbell Pro starting today, and it’ll start shipping on March 6.