UNDERDOGS (2024), the underground mech brawler from Racket: Nx (2019) studio One Hamsa, recently revealed the game’s development roadmap, which could also include a multiplayer mode in the future.

The studio outlined a number of future updates coming to Underdogs, which launched on Quest 2/3/Pro and SteamVR headsets earlier this year.

Here’s a brief rundown according to the game’s developer roadmap:

  • The Sandboxxer – will feature Sandbox Mode, which One Hamsa calls “a large kit of UNDERDOGS building blocks to play around with,” which includes test builds, enemies and props, and the ability to save and load scenarios and share with the community. It will also include a ‘Big Balance’, bringing new events and enemy balancing.
  • Corruption –  will let you customize your runs, either through ‘Corruptions’ – take on extra challenges and customize how you start your run, or ‘Content Boost’, which include new enemy variants, items and more.
  • Aggressor – will refresh the arsenal with new weapons (chainsaw), enemies, and events.
  • Challenger – will include new challenges in “a new game mode,” which includes leaderboards with big names, cosmetics for your mech, and rewards.
  • The Alternative Path – called a “huge content update,” it will bring “a new twist in the story,” which includes new enemies, weapons, status effects and arena.‎‎

Finally, One Hamsa says it’s planning on an update called ‘Rampage In New Brakka’, which could include a multiplayer mode.

“We’ll be honest with you. We want to give UNDERDOGS a Multiplayer Mode, and if we do, this will be the update. We have ideas, we have a basic plan, but it’s too far off to be making promises, so here’s hoping,” the studio says.

Again, it’s no promise from the devs, but Underdogs is too cool, too stylish of a game not to want to share with friends. In the meantime, we’ll be following along with the game’s X profile and its Discord channel (invite link) for the most recent developments. Check out the trailer below to see it in action: