The Rocketbook Everyday Planner is a great way to combine traditional handwriting with the digital world. It can easily transfer your notes from the notebook to your favorite online note storage tool. This also saves the environment and allows your notes to be searched and accessed later.

Rocketbook Everyday Planner Features

Here is a list of some of the features of the Rocketbook Everyday Planner.

  • Great for weekly, monthly, yearly or daily planning
  • Save your schedules as digital notes
  • Transfer your handwritten notes to a digital notes for storage and distribution
  • Tag your notes for quicker access later
  • Title your notes
  • Search your notes in either the free Rocketbook app or your chosen destination
  • Group Note pages together for better organization
  • Eco-friendly – reuse the pages to save the environment
  • Easy to clean – just put water on the microfiber cloth and erase the page
  • Standard Pen – If your Pilot FriXion pen ever runs dry, it is easy to replace
  • Many different page options for taking notes – see below
  • Transcribe the notes – It can convert your handwritten notes into text. I have found this to work fairly well, but it probably depends upon how nice your handwriting is. I have OK handwriting, nothing super fancy.
  • Ability to send notes to various destinations
    • Google Drive
    • Evernote
    • Dropbox
    • Microsoft OneNote
    • Microsoft OneDrive
    • Trello
    • Slack
    • box
    • Google Photos
    • Email
    • Asana
Rocketbook destinations

What comes in the package?

The packaging is pretty cool. It gives the Rocketbook a very “space-age” feel. It includes 3 items.

  1. Rocketbook Everyday Planner
  2. Pilot FriXion Erasable Pen
  3. Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
Rocketbook Everyday Planner with packaging

Rocketbook Everyday Planner Pages

Here is a list of the pages in the Rocket Everyday Planner. See the video above for more details.

  • Vision Goals and Achievements Page
  • 4 pages with a calendar covering quick plans for every day of the year, broken down by month
  • 3 full monthly calendars for scheduling
  • 6 weekly calendars for scheduling
  • 4 individual pages of ToDo lists – each page contains 18 checkbox for todo items
  • 4 individual lined pages with tick marks for drawings columns
  • 12 individual lined pages for regular notes
  • 5 individual pages with dot grids for diagrams

My Thoughts

Overall, I love my Rocketbook Everyday Planner. I use it to plan out my weeks and take notes during the week. I am also a big fan of the todo list pages. I fill those up frequently. The Rocketbook Everyday Planner sits on my desk and gets used nearly every day.

Get one for yourself

Combine your handwritten notes with the ease and convenience of digital notes. Rocketbooks are great, and I use this planner nearly every day.

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