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  • A new wave of rumors suggests Samsung could deliver a third Galaxy Watch 7 later this year during Unpacked.
  • The second rumor doubles down on past speculation, which stated the Galaxy Watch 7 could utilize the 3nm process-based Exynos W940.
  • The Galaxy Watch 7 series was previously rumored to have an “Ultra” model in the works, which could arrive in addition to or in replacement of its Pro model.

A new rumor claims Samsung could release a third variant for its Galaxy Watch 7 later in 2024.

According to X leaker Kro_Roe, the Korean OEM is allegedly planning on launching a Galaxy Watch 7 Classic, Watch 7 Pro, and an unnamed third addition (via 9to5Google). The tipster states the extra variant will be a “new one” in the machine-translated post, though nothing further was purported.

Another rumor states Samsung could provide a meaningful power boost to the Watch 7 series with a chipset upgrade.

Rumors stem from TheGalox on X, which states the Watch 7 could utilize Samsung’s new Exynos W940 chip. They add the chip may offer a 50% boost in power efficiency alongside a potential 30% increase in speed.

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As far as the rumored third variant goes, it was rumored back in October that Samsung could be developing a Watch 7 “Ultra.” An Ultra model was speculated to arrive in addition to or in replacement of a Watch 7 Pro.

It was also stated that such a device could feature a MicroLED display. That display would provide a richer color experience, including better contrast, brightness, and energy efficiency compared to other LED products.

Meanwhile, this rumored Exynos W940 chip from Samsung was rumored last October, as well, suggesting it would be built on a 3nm process instead of a 5nm. In addition to where the W940 could improve, it was previously stated the new chip could reduce its area by 35%. Consumers could be in for a slightly slimmer Galaxy Watch 7 if the rumors are true.

We’re likely only a few months out from an official Watch 7 series reveal as Samsung’s summer Unpacked could take place on July 10 in Paris, France.

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