What you need to know

  • The ‘since last charge’ battery tracking feature appears to have been reinstated by Samsung.
  • The feature was removed by Samsung when it released One UI 6 in 2023. 
  • It has appeared in a new Device Care update.

When Samsung unveiled One UI 6 in 2023, it decided—perhaps controversially—to dispense with the ‘since last charge’ battery tracking metric. Instead, it replaced it with stats showing battery usage over the past 24 hours. Now, it appears Samsung has decided to reinstate the original battery tracking option.

According to Samsung tipster Tarun Vats on X, a new Device Care update ( has reintroduced the ‘since last charge’ screen. Here, users are given insights into how much time the screen has been on, what apps have been used, and an estimate of how long their battery will last before it needs charging again. 

Screenshot of the 'since last charge' screen

(Image credit: Tarun Vats)

It appears that while Samsung has reintroduced the ‘since last charge’ metric, it has decided to keep the ‘Today’ section, which tells users how much battery has been consumed on that particular day. Users can decide which way of monitoring battery consumption will be most useful to them.

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