When considering a Samsung Galaxy device, you might be looking at the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra vs. Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. On the one hand, the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra seems like the obvious choice since it’s the newer device of the two. But on the other, if you compare specs, the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra isn’t by any means a slouch in virtually any department that’s important. Thus, you might consider buying the older model to get into the Galaxy game or holding onto it a bit longer if you already have one. But let’s look deeper at how these two phones compare.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra vs. S22 Ultra: The look and feel

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The vibrant display of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

(Image credit: Nicholas Sutrich / Android Central)

The Galaxy S24 Ultra is the first Galaxy device to have a titanium frame, which makes it not only look more elegant but also more durable. In his Galaxy S24 Ultra review, Android Central’s Nicholas Sutrich says the titanium lends to a nicer, matte texture that’s easier to grip and doesn’t attract fingerprints. 

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