Quick Share

Damien Wilde / Android Authority


  • Samsung has updated the Quick Share app for Windows.
  • The app now sports the new logo that was created for the new version of Quick Share that merges Samsung’s solution with Google’s Nearby Share.
  • It appears only the logo was changed as the app does not yet support Nearby Share.

In case you didn’t know, Samsung’s Quick Share and Google’s Nearby Share are merging into a single file-sharing solution. As a result, Nearby Share will adopt the Quick Share name and the feature will get a new logo. Although the merge has yet to happen, it looks like Samsung is preparing for the change by updating the Quick Share app for Windows.

First spotted by 9to5Google, Samsung has recently updated the Quick Share app for Windows. In the Microsoft Store, the app now sports the new logo that was created for the new version of the feature.

While the app has the new look, it seems nothing else is different, as Nearby Share support has not been added to the app yet. It’s unclear if the app will get Nearby Share support at all.

Although Quick Share and Nearby Share are similar features, there are a few crucial differences. One major difference is Samsung’s Quick Share only works with Galaxy devices. Another difference between the two is that Nearby Share limits transfers to one device while Quick Share allows you to share with up to five devices simultaneously. The final major differentiator is that Nearby Share allows you to share 500 files/day of unlimited size, while Quick Share allows files of up to 1GB for a single transfer and a total of 5GB per day.

It’s believed that when the two features merge, these differences will disappear. But if Quick Share for Windows does not get Nearby Share support, it will continue to only be useful for transferring files to your Samsung devices. Fortunately, Nearby Share for Windows is still available for download.

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