What You Should Know:

HealtheMed, a revolutionary public health utility startup, is empowering underserved Medicaid recipients in Minnesota to live healthier, more independent lives through its innovative Clinic@Home platform.

– The hybrid digital telehealth system brings healthcare directly into people’s homes, overcoming barriers like transportation limitations, appointment scarcity, and anxiety. At the heart of this impactful program lies technology, and HealtheMed has found a powerful partner in Sony’s professional BRAVIA displays.

Beyond Television: A Gateway to Health and Well-being

Each client’s home receives a 50-inch Sony display, serving as a central hub for the Clinic@Home experience. This isn’t just a TV; it’s a window to a world of accessible healthcare and improved well-being. Features like multipoint video capability and integrated remote patient monitoring allow for real-time interaction with care teams, medication reminders, and virtual consultations.

Sony BRAVIA: The Superior Choice

HealtheMed intentionally opted for Sony’s professional BRAVIA displays over consumer models. Ron Mandelbaum, the company’s co-founder, explains why: “We chose high-quality pro AV models for superior technology, better pixelation, sound, and warranty. They offer a rich viewing experience, are durable, and built to last.” This commitment to quality ensures a reliable platform for long-term client engagement.

More than Healthcare, a Sense of Connection

The Sony displays offer more than just healthcare access. They provide a source of entertainment, information, and escape. In collaboration with Comcast’s Internet Essential program, clients receive affordable broadband, unlocking local TV and streaming content. This fosters a sense of connection and engagement, crucial for long-term health improvement.

Data-Driven Success and Future Expansion

HealtheMed meticulously tracks client engagement, boasting over 20,000 data points per month. This data fuels continuous improvement and expansion plans. Their certified electronic health record ensures meaningful telemedicine encounters and empowers clients with ownership of their health information. With a 96% Medicaid client renewal rate and a 22% reduction in missed appointments, HealtheMed’s success is undeniable.

Looking Ahead: A Nationwide Vision

HealtheMed’s vision extends far beyond Minnesota. “Our plan is to take this nationwide,” says Mandelbaum. “We want to support clients, create community stability, and improve health trajectories for independent living.” They aim to expand into other states, payors, and health populations, replicating their success model with future versions of Clinic@Home.