Sutter Health Partners with Abridge to Reduce Clinician Burnout with GenAI-Powered Documentation

What You Should Know:

Sutter Health, a leading California healthcare system, announced a major collaboration with Abridge, a company specializing in generative AI for clinical documentation.

– The strategic partnership aims to transform the way physicians document patient interactions, ultimately improving patient care and reducing physician burnout.

Abridge: Streamlining Documentation and Freeing Up Physician Time

Physicians nationwide spend a significant amount of time on administrative tasks like documentation. Abridge’s solution has the potential to reduce this burden by 2-3 hours per day, significantly impacting physician well-being and reducing burnout. Abridge’s AI platform generates draft clinical notes in real time based on the conversation between physician and patient. This eliminates the need for lengthy post-visit documentation, freeing up valuable time for patient interaction. Additionally, Abridge supports over 14 languages and 50 specialties, catering to Sutter Health’s diverse patient population.

Patient-Facing Summaries: Empowering Patients

Sutter Health and Abridge are also collaborating on a new initiative: integrating patient-facing summaries into the electronic health record. This will empower patients to better understand and recall key details from their visits.

Recent Abridge Milestones

This partnership follows successful Abridge deployments at leading healthcare institutions like Yale New Haven Health and UPMC. Abridge recently secured $150M in Series C funding, which will fuel further research and development of their AI technology.

“There is tremendous momentum behind our collective efforts, and it has the ability to change lives for the better,” said Warner Thomas, president and CEO, Sutter Health. “We are highly focused on innovation as a lever to help us achieve our vision and mission of delivering safe, high quality, equitable care to all of our patients. Sutter is equally committed to the thoughtful integration of emerging technologies like AI in healthcare that support our physicians to help deliver on that mission.”