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  • A leaked document reveals T-Mobile is reducing its activation fee from $35 to just $5 for new lines.
  • This promotion kicks off today, March 8th, but there’s no word on when it ends.

Existing or potential T-Mobile customers frustrated by the Device Connection Charge (DCC) fee may be in for some relief. A leaked internal document obtained by The Mobile Report reveals a surprise move by T-Mobile to significantly reduce the DCC for a limited time.

The DCC is a one-time unified fee charged for both phone upgrades and new line activations. It’s something that has long been a point of contention for customers. This flat fee, typically $35, could add a significant upfront cost, especially for families adding multiple lines.

According to the leaked document, T-Mobile is slashing the DCC to just $5 for new lines starting today, March 8th, 2024. This represents a substantial $30 discount and applies to all activation methods, including online, in-store, and phone support.

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It’s important to note that the discount applies exclusively to new lines. Customers upgrading phones on existing lines will still have to pay the full $35 fee. However, those adding new lines stand to benefit greatly. A family of five switching to T-Mobile, for example, would save a substantial $150 on DCC, bringing their total cost down to just $25.

The document also clarifies that the promotion applies to new lines activated with either phones purchased through the Equipment Installment Plan or customer-owned devices brought to T-Mobile. T-Mobile for Business customers adding new lines are also eligible for the discounted fee.

While we wait for an official announcement from T-Mobile, the document simply lists the end date as “To Be Announced.” So it remains to be seen how long this strategy will remain in effect. However, for those considering a switch to T-Mobile, now might be a great time to take advantage of the significant savings on new activations.

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