Amazon’s Spring Sale has sprung, offering a wide range of top-notch tablet deals. As one example, you can get $80 off the 128GB Fire Max 11 tablet during the sale, for powerful performance at an even more approachable price than usual. The Fire Max 11 rocks around 14 hours of battery life—more than most tablets at this price point—along with a beautiful 11-inch screen. With this limited-time discount, you can get this larger storage configuration for nearly as cheap as the 64GB version, without the annoyance of lockscreen advertising.

✅Recommended if: you’re looking for a tablet with a large screen; long battery life is a priority for your tablet purchase; you want a tablet that can seamlessly integrate with other Amazon and Alexa devices.

❌Skip this deal if: you’d rather save more money on a configuration with less storage or lockscreen advertisements; you’re looking for a tablet screen with a higher refresh rate than 60Hz.

The Fire Max 11 tablet landed second in our list of the Best Amazon Fire tablets, primarily due to its huge screen and powerful performance compared to some of the company’s other options. Users appreciate the tablet’s long battery life, which can often reach around 14 hours even when in use. In addition, features like Show Mode and the Home Dashboard make this tablet easy to use with other Alexa-enabled devices.

This particular deal is for the 128GB Fire Max 11, making it almost as affordable as the lower-storage 64GB version. Still, if you’re looking to save around $15 more than this discount is offering, it’s worth noting that both storage configurations come with expandable storage using MicroSD cards of up to 1TB.