What you need to know

  • Developers will no longer be able to publish new games for the Oculus Quest 1 after April 30, 2024.
  • Newly published apps and games will not show up on the original Oculus Quest store after April.
  • Meta will only provide security updates through the end of August 2024.
  • The company originally set January 1 as the date when it would stop allowing new games on the Oculus Quest.

An email sent out to all Meta Quest developers detailed Meta’s end-of-life strategy for the original Oculus Quest. The email notes that no new apps or games may support the original Oculus Quest after April 30, 2024. Furthermore, apps and games published after April 30 will not show up when searched for on an Oculus Quest 1.

Meta announced its original plans to sunset support for the Quest last January, but the original date for disallowing new apps was extended a few months. Originally, Meta planned to keep new Quest 1 apps from being published starting January 1, 2024.

This all means that developers can no longer make new games supporting the original Quest after May 1, which means customers will need to upgrade to a Quest 2 or Quest 3 if they want to continue to play brand new games. Many developers stopped supporting the original Quest in the past year or so, and Meta stopped supporting multiplayer parties on the system in March 2023.

Beyond that, Meta will send out the last monthly security update in August 2024, signifying the official end of life for the company’s first major standalone VR headset. Users will still be able to access games they own and use the Quest as a PCVR headset, so while it won’t become a paperweight, it would be smart to upgrade to a Meta Quest 3 128GB or 512GB headset to keep playing the best Meta Quest games in the future.