Key Takeaways

  • Get ready for new iPad models from Apple, potentially featuring an M3 processor, OLED display, and thinner design.
  • The iPad Air is getting upgrades with a powerful M2 chip, while the new iPad Mini might come with an A16 or A17 Bionic processor.
  • Save money by getting the M1-powered iPad Air for $450 or consider the 11-inch iPad Pro for $749 for more power and storage options.

Rumors suggest that Apple is planning to reveal several new iPad models soon. Some believe that we will get to see a new iPad Pro lineup with Apple’s new M3 processor under the hood, an OLED display, and a much thinner design. The iPad Air is said to come in two size options: the smaller variant would get a new iteration with small changes, while the larger variant is believed to arrive with a larger display and a bigger footprint. Both models would also get more powerful, as they would now pack Apple’s M2 chip.


Apple iPad Air (2022)

$450 $599 Save $149

The iPad Air 5th generation comes with a more powerful M1 chip inside, which provides more performance and efficiency. Though the design remains unchanged, it supports Apple Pencil, comes with an M1 chip, and proves to be a powerful device to fit all of your needs.

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We are also receiving information suggesting that we might get to see a new iPad Mini with some changes that might reduce the effect of jelly scrolling. It is also possible that this model might arrive with a new processor, with the A16 Bionic or the A17 as a possibility, even though I would love to see a more powerful M-series chip inside this little iPad.

Should you get excited with the new iPad models?

So yeah, it’s pretty easy for any Apple fan to get excited over this information, as new and more powerful options will soon be available. Still, an important question arises for the rest of the world and any iPad user who is looking to upgrade their tablet. The question is simple: Is it really necessary to upgrade to the latest iPad models? In my eyes, no.

I mean, I’ve been using the 8th-generation iPad for more than a couple of years, and it still acts and feels splendid. I can even create content on Procreate, Adobe Rush, and other graphics-intensive apps. I also stream my favorite content, browse the web with ease, take decent pictures, and more. However, I now feel the need to get a more powerful iPad since my wife and kids took over my iPad. Now, anyone would say that waiting for the new iPad models would be the best option, but I strongly believe that I can do just fine with the current version of the iPad Air with the M1 processor. I could even go for the M2-powered iPad Pro, as they will be more than capable of tackling anything I throw at them. And the best part is that they are now more affordable than ever.

Here’s what you can get on sale right now

LI iPad Air 5th generation

You can currently get your hands on a new M1-powered iPad Air for just $450 when you go for the 64GB storage variant with WiFi-only support. This model comes with a 10.9-inch Liquid Retina display, Touch ID, all-day battery life, and 12MP shooters on the front and back. However, if it were my money, I’d go for the 256GB storage model, as apps keep getting larger, and you will also find the extra storage space useful if you love to download your content on your tablet. It will also support the second-generation Apple Pencil, the Magic Keyboard, and other cool accessories. And if you want more power, you can also check out the 11-inch iPad Pro, now going for $749 with 128GB storage space. And if you’re on a tight budget, you might also want to check out the 9th generation iPad, now selling for just $249 with 24 percent savings.