What You Should Know:

UltraSight, a leading developer of AI-powered cardiac ultrasound solutions, announced today a strategic partnership with SELVAS Healthcare, a Korean-based global digital healthcare company.

– The collaboration marks the launch of UltraSight’s innovative solution in Asia, starting with the regulatory approval process in Korea and the Southeast Asian market.

Revolutionizing Cardiac Imaging with AI

UltraSight’s software pairs seamlessly with point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS) devices, providing real-time guidance to medical professionals during cardiac ultrasound examinations. This AI-powered assistance empowers clinicians of all experience levels to acquire diagnostic-quality images, improving accessibility and accuracy in cardiac assessments.

Asian Expansion

Through this joint venture, UltraSight and SELVAS Healthcare will work together to:

  • Navigate regulatory approvals: SELVAS Healthcare’s expertise in the Korean market will facilitate the regulatory process for UltraSight’s technology, paving the way for commercialization in Korea and potential expansion to Southeast Asia.
  • Distribute and commercialize UltraSight’s solution: SELVAS Healthcare will leverage its extensive network and distribution channels to make UltraSight’s AI-powered cardiac ultrasound technology available to healthcare providers across the region.
  • Improve access to quality cardiac care: This partnership aims to improve access to accurate and timely cardiac assessments, particularly in underserved communities throughout Asia.

“At UltraSight, our mission is to expand access to cardiac care by empowering medical professionals to conduct high-quality cardiac ultrasound with minimal training, both inside and outside the hospital,” said UltraSight CEO Davidi Vortman. “We aim to address the significant global disparity between the number of cardiovascular disease patients and the availability of cardiac ultrasound. Having already entered the market in the U.S., we look forward to embarking on this new venture with SELVAS Healthcare and bringing the benefits of our cardiac imaging technology to Korea, with a long-term vision of expanding UltraSight’s footprint throughout Asia.”

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