What You Should Know:

Unlearn®, a leading AI company using digital twins to revolutionize clinical trials, announced today a $50M Series C funding round led by Altimeter Capital. This investment, bringing Unlearn’s total funding to over $130M, will fuel its mission to eliminate trial and error in medicine through faster, smaller, and more ethical clinical trials.

– Unlearn collaborates with pharmaceutical companies, biotechs, and academic institutions to optimize and streamline clinical trials. Their innovative technology holds immense potential to accelerate medical advancements and improve patient outcomes worldwide.

AI-Powered Clinical Trials with Digital Twins

Founded in 2017, Unlearn has consistently pushed the boundaries of AI in clinical research. Their innovative approach uses digital twins, AI-generated models that predict individual patient health outcomes under different treatment scenarios. This allows for TwinRCTs™, highly efficient trials with smaller control groups, enabling more patients to receive active treatment and accelerating the development of life-saving therapies.

Addressing Critical Industry Challenges

The clinical research industry faces challenges like slow enrollment, lengthy timelines, and patient reluctance to participate in placebo-controlled trials. Unlearn’s digital twins offer a solution, potentially:

  • Reducing trial duration: Bringing new drugs to market faster means faster access to potentially life-changing therapies.
  • Increasing patient access: More patients receive active treatments, reducing the ethical concerns of traditional trials.
  • Streamlining processes: Smaller control groups and efficient data analysis lead to faster and more cost-effective trials.

Regulatory Backing for Innovation

Unlearn understands the importance of regulatory compliance. They’ve partnered with experts since their inception and secured qualification from the European Medicines Agency and agreement from the US FDA, ensuring their methodology aligns with current regulations.

“Pharmaceutical companies are spending over $100 billion dollars a year on clinical research, yet the industry remains skeptical about new technology that has the power to truly transform research,” said Charles Fisher, Ph.D., founder and CEO of Unlearn. “Breaking down these barriers and proving the value of digital twin technology continues to be a main driver for us at Unlearn. And, this round of financing will allow us to not only grow our team but also expand our capabilities into more therapeutic areas to build awareness and prove the value.”