Apple Vision Pro is now available in the U.S., and we’ve already learned a lot about what the device can and can’t do. And one of the things that some users have now discovered is that there’s no easy way to reset or remove the password from a Vision Pro if you forget it.

You can’t reset Vision Pro if you forget your password

As reported by Bloomberg, users who for some reason have forgotten their Vision Pro password are being told by Apple that they can’t simply restore the device’s settings to remove the password. Instead, the customer must send the Vision Pro back to Apple, so that the company can wipe the password and data.

It’s worth noting that this is not the Apple ID password, but the password used to unlock the device and open apps. Typically, Vision Pro relies on Optic ID for authentication with the user’s eyes. However, in some situations, users are required to enter their password – such as after a reboot.

On iPhone and iPad, if you forget your device password, all you have to do is connect the device to a computer and then restore your settings and data. Although you’ll lose all your data, the device can be set up as new. For Vision Pro users, this is not an option.

One of the reasons behind this might be the fact that Vision Pro lacks a data transfer port, so users can’t easily connect it to a computer. Apple sells a USB-C adapter for Vision Pro, but it’s intended for development purposes only. Apple Watch, however, lets users easily reset all data if the user forgets their password.

Here’s another odd limitation: although Vision Pro has Activation Lock, it doesn’t have Find My capabilities. Presumably Apple will address these limitations with future software updates.

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