WellSky Taps Google Cloud to Build Gen AI Tools for Providers

What You Should Know:

WellSky, a health and community care technology company, and Google Cloud have announced a strategic partnership to leverage cutting-edge cloud technologies and artificial intelligence (AI) to transform healthcare delivery across the continuum.

– The strategic collaboration aims to provide care providers with smarter tools, automate repetitive tasks, and ultimately, improve patient outcomes. Google Cloud’s governance and privacy policies empower clients to retain control over how their tools are used, while its responsible approach to generative AI allows for continuous monitoring, review, and ethical utilization within specific contexts.

Vertex AI: Unleashing the Power of Generative AI

WellSky will utilize Google Cloud’s Vertex AI platform, granting access to advanced data analytics tools, machine learning capabilities, and powerful generative AI models. This partnership will accelerate WellSky’s ongoing IT modernization efforts, enabling them to anticipate client needs and proactively deliver intelligent care solutions.

Streamlining Care and Empowering Providers

WellSky envisions integrating AI tools into their solutions to automate repetitive tasks, freeing up valuable time for human interaction and personalized care. Imagine healthcare providers having immediate access to relevant patient history, trends, and anomalies during care transitions, allowing for more informed and efficient decision-making. Additionally, automating portions of the OASIS assessment in Medicare home healthcare will grant caregivers more time to focus on individual patient needs.

“AI technology can serve as a fundamental tool in making healthcare insights more accessible and meaningful for clinicians. As with any tool at our disposal, we will implement it in a way that is focused on helping caregivers improve patient outcomes, provide more effective services, and increase efficiency,” said WellSky CEO Bill Miller. “I see no shortage of possibilities in this emerging space.”.

We understand AI has an important role to play in healthcare innovation, but we also understand that we bear a considerable responsibility for how we implement AI in a secure and ethical way,” said Miller. “WellSky is steadfastly committed to following the principles of privacy, fairness, reliability, equity, transparency, and accountability in the design, development, and deployment of our solutions. We resolve to use AI in a manner that is aligned with our mission, is responsible, and provides value to our clients and the patients they serve.”