What You Should Know:

  • Furthering its goal of delivering the perfection of natural sound, Widex today launched  the Widex SmartRIC, a breakthrough hearing aid that introduces new angles of natural hearing through an innovative L-shaped design that improves microphone angles to enhance directionality and speech targeting. 
  • According to Widex Vice President of Marketing Alan Raffauf, the new SmartRIC reflects Widex’ commitment to audiological excellence. By placing the microphones at an improved angle, the device lets patients experience the voices and sounds they want to hear, helping them enjoy more of the world around them. 

Experience Enhanced Hearing with Widex SmartRIC: Elevating Sound Quality and Mobility

Elevating the SmartRIC higher on the ear brings the device’s microphones closer to a horizontal alignment, improving the directional microphone’s ability to focus on what patients are concentrating on. This results in a better signal-to-noise ratio in noisy environments, enhancing patients’ ability to participate in social situations and enjoy life more fully. While prioritizing natural sound over processed sound in most scenarios, Widex implements directionality and noise reduction in specific noisy situations where patients require support. The optimized microphone angles of SmartRIC enhance this directionality in such instances.

In addition to the distinctive L-shaped angle, Widex has implemented several design improvements to create a seamless and stylish device, ensuring that patients can go about their day without worrying about their hearing aids. Widex SmartRIC features newly designed microphone inlets that effectively minimize wind and touch noise, enhancing comfort and naturalness in challenging situations. Furthermore, it boasts the longest rechargeable battery life among Widex’s RIC hearing aids, providing up to 37 hours of usage on a single charge.

For patients on the move, Widex offers a fast-charging case, its first portable charging solution. The sleek, compact case can fully charge the hearing aids in four hours or provide eight hours of continuous use with just a 30-minute fast charge. With five full charges available, the case fits conveniently into a pocket or small bag, offering hassle-free charging, mobility, and peace of mind. Widex SmartRIC is built on the PureSound™ with ZeroDelay™ technology platform, which has established new benchmarks for natural hearing. This technology delivers the fastest sound processing in digital hearing aids, eliminating the artificial, tinny sound often associated with other devices, resulting in a more authentic and true-to-life listening experience for patients. Research also indicates a stronger brain signal when delay is minimized.

“Elevated on the ear and engineered with improved microphone angles, Widex SmartRIC directs focus where it is needed most – honing in on what truly matters in any sound environment,” Raffauf said. “By rethinking the way sound is captured in a hearing aid, we’re helping patients enjoy a more engaged life, a life where they feel more connected to natural sound in any situation.” 

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