What You Should Know:

  • Zetaris, the provider of the AI-Powered Lakehouse, today unveils its game changing AI studio designed specifically for healthcare and life science professionals at the HIMSS Global Conference in Orlando on March 11-15, 2024.
  • The Zetaris platform enables healthcare and life science professionals to develop life-saving patient outcomes enabled by data-driven AI clinical applications.

Empowering Healthcare Excellence: Zetaris Unveils Next-Generation AI Studio for Enhanced Clinical Outcomes

The Zetaris Healthcare Studio facilitates enhancements in triage, enabling healthcare professionals to expedite decision-making processes. By leveraging data from numerous past cases, they can ascertain the appropriate treatment pathway more swiftly than ever, thereby expediting triage and enhancing resource allocation. The Zetaris Healthcare Studio serves as a potent instrument for swift and precise disease detection.

Zetaris made waves with the recent introduction of its Healthcare Data for Artificial Intelligence (AI) Studio at HIMSS Jakarta, an innovation crafted to enhance patient and clinician interactions by providing an AI-equipped workspace for the advancement of clinical and research outcomes.

The exponential increase in data generated daily by various healthcare systems necessitates a fresh approach to data management to furnish accurate, curated, and reliable information for AI and analytics. Zetaris rises to this challenge by equipping healthcare and life science providers with advanced capabilities to harness the potential of data and AI within a unified workspace.

Clinicians can now leverage data and AI to streamline their human-centric processes, significantly enhancing medical outcomes. For example, emergency departments can utilize data alongside AI and machine learning (ML) to prioritize and enhance patient care. Life sciences can expedite the development of novel solutions aimed at alleviating human suffering from chronic diseases, thereby alleviating pressure on hospitals and the aged care system. Laboratories can operate independently or collaborate to glean rapid insights from real-time integrated data. Zetaris caters to healthcare teams without necessitating specialized IT expertise, seamlessly integrating on-premises and multi-cloud deployments while ensuring data security, governance, and cyber resilience, all while reducing costs.

Zetaris will be showcasing the seamless integration of its software, including the automation of data access, preparation, and governance for AI and Generative AI programs, alongside advanced analytics.

“Get ready to revolutionize the way you leverage data in healthcare,” says Vinay Samuel, CEO and Founder, Zetaris. “Our cutting-edge AI studio empowers clinicians and healthcare providers to unlock the full potential of data, drive smarter decisions and deliver superior patient outcomes.”

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