ArteraAI Raises $20M to Personalize Cancer Therapy With Multimodal AI

What You Should Know:

ArteraAI, a pioneer in multi-modal artificial intelligence (MMAI) for cancer treatment personalization, announced today an additional $20M in funding.

– This latest round, backed by prominent investors like Prosperity7 Ventures, EDBI, and Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati, brings the company’s total funding to $110M since its inception less than a year ago.

Revolutionizing Patient Care with AI

ArteraAI’s MMAI platform analyzes digital pathology images and clinical data to deliver accurate predictions about cancer progression and response to treatment. This information empowers clinicians to make more informed decisions about personalized treatment plans, potentially improving patient outcomes and reducing unnecessary procedures.

AI-Derived Prognostic Biomarker Test

ArteraAI offers an AI-enabled Prostate test that is the first of its kind to provide both predictive and prognostic results for patients with localized prostate cancer/ ArteraAI’s multimodal artificial intelligence (MMAI) biomarker test leverages a unique algorithm that assesses digital images from a patient’s biopsy and learns from a patient’s clinical data. The AI combines this information to predict whether a patient will benefit from a particular therapy and determine their prognosis and has been validated using many Phase 3 randomized trials.

ArteraAI Prostate Test is the first test that can both predict therapy benefit and prognosticate long-term outcomes in localized prostate cancer. The test is clinically available through our CLIA-certified laboratory in Jacksonville, Florida and can be ordered online at

Future of AI-Powered Cancer Diagnostcis

With this new investment, ArteraAI is poised to further solidify its position as a leader in AI-powered cancer diagnostics. The company’s commitment to international expansion, commercial growth, and ongoing research holds immense promise for the future of personalized cancer care, offering patients hope for more accurate diagnoses, better treatment options, and improved outcomes.

“The infusion of this additional funding is a crucial catalyst, propelling ArteraAI forward in its mission to personalize cancer therapy through AI-enabled predictive and prognostic tests,” said Andre Esteva, CEO and Co-Founder of ArteraAI. “We are committed to ushering in the era of precision medicine, and stewarding this investment strategically to aid in our international expansion and commercial growth.”