What You Should Know:

  • Valendo Health, a value-based endocrinology company, officially launched today with a mission to empower endocrinologists to shape the future of diabetes care.
  • The company launches with two provider partners already onboard, including Cecelia Health, a recognized national virtual specialty care provider for chronic care management, and Advanced Metabolic Care & Research (AMCR), one of the leading endocrinology centers in Southern California serving thousands of patients with diabetes and other metabolic conditions.

Transforming Diabetes Care through Phased Solutions and Strategic Partnerships

Valendo employs a phased strategy to assist independent endocrinologists in enhancing clinical capabilities, optimizing operations, and participating in value-based contracts. Through an exclusive partnership with Cecelia Health, practices like AMCR gain access to a national network of specialized healthcare professionals. This collaboration leverages expertise, telehealth, and remote monitoring to elevate diabetes care, reduce complications, and decrease overall costs.

The Valendo Health solution unfolds in three stages:

1. In Phase 1, Valendo collaborates with practices to boost clinical capacity and patient services through telehealth and remote monitoring, fostering better health outcomes and practice growth opportunities.

2. Phase 2 focuses on streamlining operations, reducing overhead costs, and enhancing profitability by centralizing administrative and clinical services while aggregating relevant data.

3. Phase 3 involves creating and managing value-based specialty care contracts with payers and provider groups, incentivizing specialists to improve care and reduce costs for the patient population.

Dr. Tim Bailey from AMCR expresses excitement about the partnership, highlighting Valendo Health’s role in effective patient communication, timely education, and telemedicine. The collaboration aims to enhance diabetes care success. A recent Valendo study indicates that patients under endocrinologist care experience a better quality of life, fewer complications, and reduced ER visits. Despite the proven benefits, less than 10% of Medicare beneficiaries with diabetes had access to endocrinologists last year. Valendo Health’s data-driven solution aims to bridge this gap, providing more individuals with diabetes access to specialized care.

Valendo Health has developed a unique solution to help Endocrinology practices improve patient access, scale operations, and enable participation in value-based care models. We couldn’t be more excited to partner with their team to help endocrinologists improve access to new virtual diabetes care services, ” said Mark Clermont, CEO of Cecelia Health.