Emory Healthcare Becomes First U.S. Hospital to Deploy Epic EHR on MacBook Air for Clinicians
Working in Emory’s Apple Digital Innovation and Testing Lab, Emory Digital team members (L-R) Michael Duffell, Jewel Witherspoon and Nicole Picardo Bellis were instrumental in validating Epic Hyperspace on Macs at Emory. (Source: Emory)

What You Should Know:

Emory Healthcare is making waves in the healthcare industry by becoming the first health system in the US to deploy Epic’s EHR on a large scale using MacBook Air via a new native Epic Hyperspace app.

– This strategic initiative marks the first time Epic will be available to clinicians on the Mac App Store beginning March 7. The deployment offers clinicians the ability to access patient health information directly through a Mac for the first time.

Responding to Clinician Needs, Driving Savings, Enhanced User Experience

Emory Healthcare Becomes First U.S. Hospital to Deploy Epic EHR on MacBook Air for Clinicians

Emory’s initiative empowers clinicians to choose the computer that best suits their needs by offering them a choice and direct access to Epic on Mac.  MacBook Air offers an ideal solution with its built-in security features, energy-efficient performance, and extended battery life – perfect for demanding clinical environments.

The decision to adopt Mac technology stems from Emory’s commitment to address clinician preferences and optimize efficiency.  Equipping thousands of clinicians with MacBook Air throughout 2024 complements the iPhones and iPads already used extensively within the organization.  Emory’s analysis revealed substantial cost savings associated with this switch, projecting a yearly savings of $300 per device due to reduced software licensing and support fees.

This landmark integration eliminates the need for additional application delivery layers, such as virtual desktops, for accessing Epic on Mac.  Emory’s Digital team thoroughly validated this solution within their Apple Digital Innovation and Testing Lab, paving the way for a seamless transition.

“The MacBook Air is a powerhouse for all kinds of work — consumers and employees alike love its iconic thin and light, portable design, incredible display and all-day battery life,” says Susan Prescott, Apple’s vice president of enterprise marketing and worldwide developer relations. “We’re thrilled to see the all-new Epic app come to the Mac App Store for the first time, which enables Emory Healthcare to provide the 15-inch MacBook Air to thousands of their clinicians — and for hospitals globally to select Mac as their device of choice when caring for patients.”

Sustainability Aligned with Innovation

Beyond cost savings and user experience, Emory’s selection of Apple products aligns with their commitment to sustainability.  Apple products incorporate recycled and renewable materials and boast a 50% reduction in energy consumption, bringing Emory closer to achieving the sustainability goals outlined by The Joint Commission.

“In an era where technology is helping shape the future of health care and digital transformation, our deployment of Epic on MacBook Air is more than just a technical achievement; it’s a statement,” says Scott Smiser, chief technology officer for Emory Healthcare. “It underscores our dedication to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible and reaffirms our role as catalysts for positive change in the industry.”

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