A Wallace & Gromit mini golf course full of silly contraptions is on the way from the developers of Walkabout Mini Golf.

The upcoming course from Mighty Coconut in partnership with Wallace & Gromit creator Aardman follows breakout team-ups in 2022 for courses based on Jim Henson’s classic film Labyrinth and Cyan’s landmark videogame Myst. In 2023, developer Mighty Coconut also partnered with art collective Meow Wolf to explore mechanics like portals, ball resizing, multi ball, and pocket universes.

With Wallace & Gromit, the developers of Walkabout have a new playground to explore against the backdrop of mini golf. Fans of Aardman’s beloved Wallace & Gromit series can putt through the contraption-filled home at 62 West Wallaby Street.

Conceptual sketches by Don Carson of Mighty Coconut at Aardman Studios in Bristol.

Just this week. Mighty Coconut released Ice Lair with freeze beams and hot plates that dramatically change Walkabout’s gameplay and physics. The developers have ironed out a pipeline that sees them push forward expansive new courses roughly every six weeks. Each new course seems to polish or stretch different aspects of the studio’s place-making sensibilities, with recent examples we’ve chronicled through in-depth tour videos including the vast desert in Temple at Zerzura, the serene waters of Atlantis, and the bright forest of Alfheim.

The upcoming $3.99 Wallace & Gromit add-on course is coming to Walkabout across all devices, including Quest 2, 3, and Pro, PSVR 2, Steam, Pico headsets, as well as the upcoming Walkabout Mini Golf: Pocket Edition currently in testing on iOS devices.

The Wallace & Gromit course will be the game’s 27th, with Ice Lair released this week being the 25th. Walkabout courses start in day mode with a lost ball to find as an easter egg at each of its 18 holes. A night mode completes the mini golfing experience by remaking the course with new surprises and a treasure hunt.

Mighty Coconut teased that it has a 5th licensed course from another new partner in the works as well.