What You Should Know:

Highmark Health announced a collaboration with Epic and Google Cloud to revolutionize payer-provider collaboration and personalize the patient experience.

– The strategic integration leverages Epic’s Payer Platform and Google Cloud’s data analytics capabilities to empower both health insurers and healthcare providers.

Breaking Down Communication Barriers

Highmark Health leverages Epic’s Payer Platform, which fosters collaboration between payers and providers.  By connecting to Google Cloud’s data analytics tools (BigQuery and Healthcare Data Engine), valuable insights can now be shared effectively:

– Actionable Insights for Patients: Highmark members will receive personalized guidance on their healthcare journeys through integrated digital channels like the My Highmark member portal.

– Enhanced Clinician View: Clinicians using Epic will gain a more comprehensive picture of their patients’ health through payer-derived insights. This includes medical history, coverage details, and potential care gaps.

– Reduced Out-of-Pocket Costs: Accurate insurance information empowers providers to select high-quality, covered services, minimizing surprise billing for patients.

Streamlining Administrative Tasks

Automated information exchange through Epic’s platform facilitates smoother workflows:

– Faster Care Authorizations: Automated processes expedite service approvals, reducing wait times for patients.

– Improved Care Management: Identification of care gaps allows for proactive intervention, potentially leading to better health outcomes.

– Efficient Communication: Automated notifications streamline communication between health systems and Highmark regarding patient events (e.g., emergency room visits, admissions, discharges). This eliminates time-consuming methods like phone calls and faxes.

“Epic’s Payer Platform is a powerful resource that enables payers and providers to work more effectively together. Pairing that resource with Google Cloud’s technology gives Highmark Health the ability to change the paradigm,” said Tony Farah, MD, executive vice president, chief medical and clinical transformation officer, Highmark Health. “It’s another step forward in achieving better experiences for both consumers and clinicians, while improving health outcomes and lowering cost of care.”

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