What You Should Know:

Trinity Capital Inc. (NASDAQ: TRIN), a leading provider of growth capital to innovative companies announced a $25M investment in Moxe Health, a healthcare interoperability leader.

– The $25M investment from Trinity Capital will empower Moxe to expand its reach and further establish itself as a leader in healthcare interoperability, invest in ongoing development and improvement of its data exchange solutions, and offer new services.

Moxe: Streamlining Healthcare Data Sharing

Moxe Health, based in Madison, WI, uses technology to simplify and improve the secure exchange of clinical data and crucial insights between healthcare payers and providers. Moxe leverages innovative technology to:

– Improve collaboration: By connecting healthcare stakeholders with high-quality clinical data, Moxe fosters meaningful collaboration within the healthcare ecosystem.

– Optimize operations: Faster, more cost-effective data exchange empowers providers and payers to streamline operations and improve outcomes.

– Connecting the Healthcare Ecosystem: Moxe connects various stakeholders, including major health systems and national health plans representing over 150 million US lives.

– Leveraging APIs: Moxe utilizes APIs (application programming interfaces) compatible with leading Electronic Health Records (EHRs) for seamless data exchange.

“Moxe appreciates Trinity’s support and partnership as we further advance clinical data exchange to drive affordable healthcare,” said Dan Wilson, CEO and Founder of Moxe. “We’re excited to scale and innovate, further enhancing our Release of Information and Point of Care Insights solutions to improve healthcare operations and deliver financial and clinical outcomes for our customers.”

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