Dr. Ed Lee, MD, MPH, Chief Medical Officer at Nabla

What You Should Know:

Nabla, the leading ambient AI assistant for healthcare professionals, announced the appointment of Dr. Ed Lee, MD, MPH, as Chief Medical Officer.

– As Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Lee will shape Nabla’s clinical strategy and product roadmap. He will contribute to feature enhancements, advocate for Nabla at industry events, and provide valuable insights on clinical informatics trends.

Dr. Lee Bio/Background

Dr. Lee joins Nabla with over 20 years of experience as a board-certified internal medicine physician. Notably, he served as Executive Vice President of IT and Chief Information Officer for The Permanente Federation, overseeing technology initiatives and innovation for Kaiser Permanente’s physician-led medical group, the largest in the US. He also spearheaded the successful implementation of Nabla Copilot at TPMG, demonstrating the solution’s effectiveness in reducing documentation burden for 10,000 physicians.

“I believe technology is the key to solving the clinician burnout crisis and removing burnout will ultimately result in higher quality care for patients,” said Dr. Lee. “My experience implementing Nabla Copilot was so effective and monumental that my ultimate goal is to get it in the hands of as many clinicians as possible across the country. I’m eager to share my experiences and help other clinical teams take advantage of our solution so they can remain focused on delivering high-quality care.”