What You Should Know:

– While the shift towards value-based care (VBC) is underway, a recent Black Book survey reveals that only 37% of medical practices are currently receiving payments from upside-risk arrangements and shared savings, while 12% receive payments from full risk.

– This leaves a significant portion, over 50%, still relying on traditional Fee-For-Service models.

Healthcare Providers Seek Guidance in VBC Transition

The survey also highlights the increasing demand for VBC consulting services. Two-thirds of providers venturing into VBC rely on advisors to navigate the complexities of:

Care delivery challenges: Optimizing workflows and implementing evidence-based practices.

Data analytics: Utilizing data to drive informed decision-making.

Stakeholder collaboration: Fostering partnerships among providers, payers, and patients.

Key Areas of Focus in VBC Consulting

The survey identified eight key areas where VBC consulting firms assist healthcare organizations:

Strategy Development: Creating a roadmap for transitioning to VBC and achieving desired outcomes.

Data Analytics: Implementing solutions to collect, analyze, and utilize data for informed decision-making.

Performance Improvement: Identifying areas for improvement in care delivery and patient outcomes.

Population Health Management: Developing programs to address the specific needs of patient groups.

Provider & Payer Collaboration: Facilitating partnerships and aligning goals between providers and payers.

Technology Integration: Selecting and implementing technology solutions to support VBC initiatives.

Regulatory Compliance: Ensuring adherence to relevant regulations and standards.

Financial Modeling: Projecting the financial implications of the transition to VBC.

Survey Findings and Recommendations

The survey also emphasizes the need for:

– Faster Pace of VBC Adoption: 81% of respondents believe predictable compensation is crucial to accelerate VBC adoption.

– Enhanced Provider Confidence: Building trust and ensuring financial stability for providers transitioning to VBC.

Top VBC Consulting Firms

The survey identified top-performing VBC consulting firms for both physician practices and hospital systems:

– Physician Practices & Ambulatory Organizations: CareAllies, a division of The Cigna Group

– Hospitals & Health Systems: SG2, a Vizient company

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