staff assist alert

What You Should Know:

CrisisGo, a leading provider of safety solutions, announced a strategic collaboration with Samsung Electronics America to launch an industry-first smartwatch panic solution.

– This innovative partnership equips Samsung smartwatches with a powerful 2-way emergency communication application, revolutionizing safety for organizations like schools, healthcare facilities, and businesses.

Unveiling a Comprehensive Safety Package

This first-of-its-kind solution offers a comprehensive safety package featuring:

– Samsung smartwatches: The solution utilizes sophisticated and robust Samsung smartwatches, like the Galaxy Watch 6, designed for on-the-go safety and communication.

– Pre-configured CrisisGo app: Seamlessly integrated with the watches, the CrisisGo app empowers users to discreetly trigger panic alerts, receive critical updates, and communicate directly with safety teams.

– Unparalleled connectivity: 4G/LTE, Wifi, and precise indoor location services ensure uninterrupted communication and pinpoint accuracy during emergencies.

– Simplified deployment: Knox Configure for Wearables (WKC) streamlines device enrollment and configuration, offering customization and automation for a smooth setup.

Ideal for Schools and Healthcare

This innovative solution caters perfectly to schools and healthcare facilities, where swift and coordinated emergency responses are crucial. The combined power of Samsung’s technology and CrisisGo’s advanced features creates a powerful tool to protect staff, students, and patients.