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PathAI, a pioneering AI-powered precision pathology company, has just announced an exclusive collaboration with Roche Tissue Diagnostics (RTD) aimed at advancing AI-enabled interpretation for companion diagnostics.

Through this strategic partnership,  PathAI will work exclusively with Roche Tissue Diagnostics to develop AI-enabled digital pathology algorithms specifically tailored for companion diagnostics.

Advance AI-enabled Interpretation for Companion Diagnostics

PathAI will become RTD’s exclusive partner for developing AI algorithms in the companion diagnostics space for a pre-specified term. RTD and PathAI will create a combined CDx assay and algorithm development process, offering a seamless solution for biopharma companies. The partnership specifically targets the growing needs of immuno-oncology and antibody drug conjugate (ADC) development, where precise patient selection is crucial.

The co-developed AI-powered assays will be commercialized through Roche’s navify® Digital Pathology platform, reaching a global audience. In addition, PathAI retains the ability to develop algorithms outside of companion diagnostics, while RTD can continue developing its own algorithms for this space.

“This collaboration with Roche is a testament to our shared commitment to advancing the field of digital pathology and AI-enabled diagnostics for both drug development and clinical care,” said Dr. Andy Beck, CEO and Co-Founder of PathAI. “High medical value diagnostic products with seamless integration into the laboratory workflow will accelerate the transition to digital pathology as the standard to aid clinicians in diagnosis and biomarker characterization.”

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