What You Should Know:

BillionToOne (BTO), a company dedicated to accessible and accurate genetic testing, has launched BabyPeek, a first-of-its-kind prenatal test uses advanced technology to predict a baby’s non-medical traits as early as 10 weeks.

BabyPeek is designed to bring a touch of lighthearted joy to your pregnancy journey and complements the essential UNITY test, which screens for chromosomal abnormalities and recessive genetic conditions.

Peek at Your Baby’s Personality

BabyPeek analyzes cell-free DNA from a maternal blood draw to reveal fun facts about your baby, including:

  • Potential eye and hair color
  • Likelihood of freckles
  • Food preferences (like a sweet tooth or cilantro aversion!)
  • Timing of their first tooth

Complements Essential Testing

BabyPeek is an optional add-on to the comprehensive UNITY Complete test. UNITY assesses a baby’s risk for genetic conditions through a simple blood draw. This ensures you get the crucial medical information alongside some lighthearted fun.  BillionToOne prioritized responsible development by collaborating with medical professionals, genetic counselors, and expecting parents. They ensure BabyPeek complements, not replaces, essential prenatal care.

Pricing and Availability

While the UNITY test is covered by insurance and FSA eligible, BabyPeek is not covered and costs $99 out of pocket. Results are delivered within 10 days through a secure web portal.

“We are pleased to launch BabyPeek, which provides expectant parents the earliest possible glimpse at several just-for-fun traits while educating them about the importance of prenatal screening,” said Oguzhan Atay, Ph.D., CEO of BillionToOne. “Since launch, BillionToOne has been at the forefront of molecular diagnostics, not only in creating accurate and innovative tests with UNITY but with celebrating each moment in prenatal care.”

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