The Galaxy A models from Samsung are some of the best-selling phones in the world, but the “5” generation isn’t off to a good start – voters in last week’s poll predominantly think that Samsung missed the mark with the upgrades and the pricing.

That is certainly the case for the Samsung Galaxy A55 with one quarter of voters claiming that the phone is too expensive. Some commenters say that they would rather get the Galaxy S23 FE, which costs around the same. And that’s fine by Samsung, in fact, in the US and Canada you don’t even get to make the choice as the A55 isn’t available.

The A55 did bring some important upgrades – a next generation chipset, a more premium build (aluminum frame and glass back), but there are a lot of highly capable mid-rangers out there. Another quarter of voters don’t want the A55 because they would rather pick one of the alternatives.

Weekly poll results: the Galaxy A55 costs too much, the Galaxy A35 brings too little to the table

There is still hope, if the Galaxy A55 impresses in reviews, it will become much easier to recommend. And you can always just wait a few months, it feels like its predecessor, the A54, is constantly part of promotions and discounts.

Moving on to the Samsung Galaxy A35, the price is less of an issue – but the phone itself might be. Why would you get the A35 if you can have the older A54 on the cheap? The are very similar, down to the Exynos 1380 chipset and plastic chassis.

Unlike its sibling, the Galaxy A35 will be widely available, but it it clearly the less desirable model of the two as it got fairly minimal upgrades compared to the previous generation.

Weekly poll results: the Galaxy A55 costs too much, the Galaxy A35 brings too little to the table

We have both the Samsung Galaxy A55 and the Galaxy A35 at the office and are already working on detailed reviews – coming soon! For now, you can have a look at the A35 battery test, it edges out both the A25 and the A54, even though all three have the same 5,000mAh battery.

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